About Lunova


At Lunova, we’re incredibly proud of our team, our partners and our mission as an organization. Each makes up who we are and drives us to continually improve. We believe that the next employee that you add to your team should not simply fill a need, but also make a broader impact on your organization. This requires difference making talent and it is our mission to deliver this talent to our clients.

To us, every job opening is an opportunity for a company to get brighter, smarter and more successful. And we love working for companies and managers who think the same way, because we know that Lunova is a key component in helping our clients grow through exceptional people.

Check us out and give us a call to hear more about why we’re different.

Our Team

At Lunova, we’re as good at finding talent for ourselves as we are for our clients. Meet our incredibly talented and hard-working team below.

Mike Novak

Managing Director

Christine Barber

Director of Recruitment

Gary Novak


Kristen Edelmann

Senior Recruiting Manager

Stephanie Valleras

Talent Acquisition & Marketing Manager

Becky Reeves

Senior Recruiting Manager

Robbie McCracken

Talent Outreach Manager

Olivia Zizak

Talent Acquisition Manager

Shaun Higgins

Senior Recruiting Manager

Trevor Moser

Recruiting Manager

Miranda Joines

Office Manager

Zack Neil

Recruiting Manager

Stephen Foley

Talent Analytics and Assessment Manager

Antonia Fama

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Alexandria Schmidt

Recruiting Manager

Our Affiliates

Partnering with top organizations in the recruiting industry allows Lunova to complement our skill set and ensure a successful search each and every time.

For more information on any of our affiliates, please contact Kristen Edelmann at  kristen.edelmann@lunovagroup.com

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the solution of choice for identifying and acquiring exceptional talent. Our success is driven by forming strategic relationships with dynamic people and organizations. Every day we will improve as a company, as individuals, and as members of the communities we serve.

Long Story Short: We operate with integrity and we get the job done.

Our Name

The name Lunova is rooted in “Nova”, a star that releases material into the atmosphere and through the process becomes brighter. At Lunova, we are committed to finding opportunities for individuals to shine brighter. Allow us to find your next star.

Community Outreach

We place a tremendous value on helping to improve the communities that we live in. Below are a few of the organizations with which we participate. Please let us know if you would like more information or would like to get involved. Contact Stephanie Valleras: stephanie.valleras@lunovagroup.com