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Our team is made up of hard-driving individuals with diverse backgrounds, enabling us to be successful across multiple industries. Our client base spans across building services, industrial, transportation, construction, private equity, human resources, and various professional services. The common theme is simply this: we connect game-changing talent together with great organizations.

Lunova’s industry-leading approach to recruiting enables us to better serve our customers, but we are just as excited to work with exceptional candidates, because we know that people are the difference at the very best companies. Simply put: we connect game-changing talent with great organizations.

Why Use Lunova?

Who We Are

Our team at Lunova is made up of hard-driving, thoughtful, fun, smart people. We’re not only experts in what we do, but we’re pretty fun to work with, as well.

In addition, we have tremendously diverse backgrounds, enabling us to gain traction in a number of different industries, including: manufacturing, building services, heavy industry, water treatment, refractories/ceramics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and various professional services. And most importantly, we’re singularly focused on results, because we know that when you win, we win.

Lunova Group provides recruitment services for numerous mid to executive level functions, including:

  • Executive Management (CEO, President, COO, EVP, VP)
  • Sales (VP of Sales, Sales Management, Account Management, New Business Development, Technical Sales, Sales Representative)
  • Marketing (Marketing Management, Product Management, Director of Marketing)
  • Operations (Operations Management, Plant Management, General Management, Superintendent, Project Management, District Management, Branch Management, Regional Management)
  • Finance (CFO, Controller, Finance Director)
  • Human Resources (CHRO, VP of HR, HR Director, HR Manager)
  • Research and Development (R&D Management, R&D Engineer, Principal Scientist)

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Why Use Lunova?

I met Lunova Group as a potential candidate. Although I did not secure an interview, I was impressed with their approach to the candidate as well as their client. I was so impressed that six months later, I engaged them to double the sales force of the company that I now work for as the VP of Sales & Marketing. I could not be happier with the quality of candidates they have presented. They took the time to spend several days visiting our location and interviewing key employees to understand our business and culture. Lunova Group is extremely professional and thorough; I highly recommend them.

– VP of Sales, Technology

While interviewing for my current position, Lunova Group handled the process discreetly and professionally. At the beginning of the process, I was worried about trusting my professional future to a firm I didn’t know personally. After prolonged communication, my fears were quelled, and I was confident that I was in good hands with Lunova Group.

– Account Executive, Manufacturing

From start to finish, my experience with Lunova Group was exceptional! Their diligence in partnering with me as a job applicant was fast, complete, and efficient. They not only knew exactly what the employer wanted from an applicant, but were experts in matching me with the perfect company. In an age where job application is done using technology, it can seem impersonal, but the recruiters from Lunova Group were encouraging and supportive the entire time. They operated with integrity and lived up to their mission statement of ”simply getting the job done.” My highest praises goes to Team Lunova!

– Regional Business Consultant, Distribution

I have worked with more than a dozen recruiting companies in my career. My key requirements are that the recruiter has a thorough understanding of our company and is knowledgeable about the position we want to fill. Also, it is imperative that the recruiting company prequalifies candidates and only presents top talent. The team at Lunova hit all these marks and has been a rich source of candidates and employees for our company.

– President, Water Treatment

Lunova Group provided our firm with several highly-talented, well-qualified individuals, one of which we selected. I was extremely impressed with how Lunova was able to quickly learn the industry, understand our business needs, and most importantly apply it in their search for possible candidates. Lunova Group has become a valuable asset to our business.

-Regional Manager, Construction

Lunova Group is good, very friendly, and a passionate group. They are easy to work with, and I would recommend their services to friends.

-Superintendent, Elevators and Escalators

Lunova Group is the most professional, executive search firm with which I have worked with. They keep you informed every step of the way and offer advice and encouragement to their clients. I loved my experience working with Lunova.

-Regional Manager, Industrial Coatings